Our consulting team is a consortium of professionals with expertise in several areas. We work in partnership with our clients. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client's unique needs and business context, and are designed to ensure that clients get the best results.

T.I.C. consultants supports clients in a number of ways

  1. Act as catalyst for community and organizational change

  2. Link groups with mutually supportive goals to allow them to work together creating networks

  3. Help build capacity and sustainability a the community and local government level

  4. Share the ownership of any work that we do

  5. Our work is participatory


  1. Presentations and workshops

  2. Research and analysis

  3. Production of educational materials and reports

  4. Evaluation and feasibility studies

Key Areas of Service

  1. Organizational development, strategic planning

  2. Development of alternative policies and systems

  3. Service planning

  4. Organizational development and facilitation

  5. Community education and advocacy

  6. Community service networking, government programs, legislation

  7. Mediation practices and teaching

  8. Human resource systems and procedures

  9. Ethics

  10. Management processes and practices including board governance

  11. Risk management for organizations and local governments

Areas of our consulting practice:

Community Engagement

  1. tools and techniques

  2. partnerships with local government


  1. policy development and advocacy

  2. air quality

  3. transportation

Community Capacity Building

  1. advocacy

  2. strategic Thinking

  3. developing access to power

  4. local Ownership

Community Development

  1. Needs assessment

  2. Participatory budget

Health Promotion

  1. healthy public policy

  2. equity and health promotion

  3. outreach

  4. education

Healthy City/Healthy Communities

  1. social entrepreneurship

  2. social capital development

Community Engagement – tools and techniques

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Policy development

Organizational development and support

Community Advocacy and Participation in local government

Governance and Board tools

Environmental Policy and Advocacy

Access to Funding techniques

Strategic thinking

T.I.C. was founded by Augusto Mathias in 1995 to provide consultation services for community groups, organizations and institutions overseas.

Toronto International Consultants - T.I.C.